Saturday, July 23, 2011

Marijuana Rehab – Helping Addicts Overcome Drug Dependence

Drug rehabs help persons suffering from marijuana addiction overcome their physical, as well as psychological dependence on this drug. While there are many people who keep on claiming that marijuana is not an addictive substance, various studies have revealed results to the contrary. According to data made available by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, while many persons using marijuana may not immediately become addicted to it, about 10% of these users develop an addiction to the drug. In fact, sudden cessation of marijuana use can result in a variety of withdrawal symptoms that further attest to the addictive nature of pot.

People who are addicted to pot oftentimes experience great difficulty in quitting on their own and need to attend a marijuana rehab. Those who try to do so experience a variety of withdrawal symptoms such as loss of appetite, irritability and mood swings, headaches, depression and anxiety, nausea, and many other symptoms. Once these symptoms set in, many of those who suddenly ceased using marijuana on their own again use pot to alleviate their suffering caused by these symptoms. In effect, all their efforts in trying to stop using marijuana would be for nothing. This is why it is important for persons who are already hooked to pot to seek the help of marijuana rehab centers so that they would be able to withdraw from the drug with greater efficacy.

There are many marijuana rehab centers across America. If you live in Florida, for instance, you can definitely find a rehabilitation facility that can efficiently address your marijuana addiction problem. Most of the marijuana rehab centers in Florida usually advise their patients to undergo a marijuana detoxification process. This is to begin the process of flushing out any semblance of the drug in their system. During the detoxification period, patients will completely stop smoking marijuana under the direct supervision and care of health professionals.

While it is true that patients will still experience a variety of symptoms like headaches, nausea, and many more, the health care professional guiding them can immediately prescribe a variety of medication in limited quantities to counter the effects of these symptoms. Some of these symptoms will actually be very strong and can often make the patient think of quitting. 

The withdrawal symptoms being experienced by the patient during the detoxification process can last for several days. However, you need not fear these withdrawal symptoms since none of them are life-threatening on their own. The effect would mostly be on the psychological aspect, which is driving the patient to quit the treatment program. At this point, intensive counseling sessions are held in order to strengthen the will and resolve of the patient to quit using marijuana.

There is really no perfect timetable when it comes to the question of how many weeks or months it would take for a marijuana rehab program to complete. It actually depends on the physical and psychological responses of the patient undergoing the treatment program. Generally, however, marijuana rehab programs take about a month to 3 months to complete. This is why it is very important for the person suffering from marijuana addiction to have the will and resolve to quit using pot in order to hasten his healing process.